Monday, December 15, 2008

Making Soap Today :)

Well, today is the day to make some more soap! As I am typing this, the soap is resting a couple minutes before I start stirring it again. . . . the process seems to take forever! But it's very much worth it in the end.
I make soap for our family, friends, and for sale. If you're interested in purchasing some, please let me know!

Our soap is made with milk from our little herd of goaties, Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats. Their milk is very high in butterfat, which makes for a rich, creamy soap. I use high quality, food-grade oils, organic herbs, (such as lavender and chamomile blossoms) and high-quality essential oils. Very rarely do we use fragrance oils, and only if requested by a customer. No food-coloring or other additives and absolutely no water! All of these ingredients along with lots of time, patience, and effort, and you get a wonderfully moisturizing soap!
Oh, btw - Sunset, Cordelia, and "their babies" are all doing awesome! I still need to get some pictures of them. It's been terribly cold and snowing - well, mostly icy now. So, they are staying in the barn a lot. . . . I will get pictures as soon as possible.
Anyways, better get back to stirring the soap. Goodbye for now. :)


Heather said...

I have been hankering to learn how to make soaps too.
Yours look gorgeous.

Olivia, Aubri, and families said...

Thank you!!