Saturday, April 3, 2010

Urban Goat-Keeping Part 2

I do not know if anyone is reading this or even cares to but here goes Part 2 of Urban Goat-Keeping:

The last posting covered county regulations, fencing, space, etc. . . so this posting will go more into what type of shelter will be required. This really depends on how many goats you would like to have. If you plan on just having two little goats then a large to extra-large dog house will make for sufficient housing. I recommend having one house for each goat in case one does not like sharing. Goats hate the rain and will need to be fed indoors if it's raining, so that presents a problem with using dog houses for shelter -- there is not much space for a feeding area. If you have the means to put together a little shed or barn, this can make things a lot easier. If you live in the Northwest where it rains a lot, then I highly recommend making a larger shelter.


photos coming soon of our little goat barn!
If I could change anything about our current barn, I would make a "porch" for the goats (an overhang near the barn door). Follow this link for an easy plan to make the perfect goat shed.


Anonymous said...

Now that I have found you...yes- there will soon be many of us reading!

Suzanne said...

the sheds i've been looking at are a bit costly and may be bigger than I need. I came across a shelter made up of pvc pipe and a heavy tarp. here is the website:
I don't know if I'm being overly cheap or if this would work for year-round. Ideally, I want a shelter that is big enough for the goats, their food, and a platform to milk them.
What do you think?