Sunday, August 1, 2010

Goats For Sale

These two handsome bucks are the only goats available after a big herd reduction.

Squaw*Mountain BlueSummerStorm - Mature, blue-eyed buck with gorgeous kids on the ground (mainly doe kids!) All of his babies have been very correct and that's no surprise since he is also. :) While he is a pale gold and white, he has been throwing quite a few red gold kids and many with his blue eyes. Registered with ADGA. Asking $250 - SOLD

Capriola RRH Arrow - A handsome, heavily moon spotted buckling who was reserved almost immediately after birth but unfortunately I cannot get in touch with the buyer. Arrow is very correct in just about every way and has all that "flash" as an extra bonus. ADGA/AGS registration applications included in sale. Asking $300 - SOLD
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If you are interested in these boys, let me know by email or phone. I am fairly motivated to find them good homes quickly and prices could be flexible. :)

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