Monday, February 23, 2009

Lyla Marie Kidded!!

One of my favorite does, Lyla Marie kidded early Saturday morning; her single blue-eyed doeling was born around 3:30am.

Friday afternoon, Lyla was getting started with little contractions here and there, talking a lot and trying to get comfortable. As I got her arranged in her kidding stall, I told her that about 15 months ago, I watched Lyla and her siblings being born. I cleaned off her nose and helped her get latched onto her mom's udder. It was pretty endearing for me to see "my baby" grow up and have her own kids. :)

This delivery was a little trying. She presented correctly but was quite large (4+ lbs.) I helped her along by pulling. Lyla is a wonderful mother; so very attentive and loving. I'm so proud of her! Her doe kid is absolutely gorgeous! I am so, so tempted to keep her and just might do that! :D

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