Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just an Update. . .

The goats are all doing very well! Life is pretty darn good. :)

Claribelle is looking like she'll burst any second. I find it hard to believe she is still holding onto those kids. I thought for sure she would be kidding in mid-February, but she proved me wrong by going with her March 25th due date. Hoping she has triplets!!

Our three Pygmy goat does will be due around the time Claribelle is due, so we'll be swimming in little kiddos by the end of this month. ;) I am kind of nervous about our Pygmy does kidding. . . hoping for quick and easy deliveries! Everyone looks like they'll be having multiples, so that is good. I love single babies -- but not with the small Pygmy does, it's too easy for that single kid to get too large.

Iris kidded 2/26 with triplets! Two bucks and a doe, all three of her kids inherited blue eyes! They are gorgeous babies! The little doe kid was pretty weak so I took her in for bottle-feeding. She is now partly bottle-baby but also nurses from my milkers when they are in the stanchion. Her brother will most likely be going to Idaho as a future sire. Her other brother is for sale as a buck, if anyone is interested. ;)

All of our other little babies are doing great and growing big! Lyla's single doe kid is growing sooo fast! She is nearly the same size as Honey's triplets, who are a month older than her!

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Jennifer said...

The new kids all sound gorgeous, I can't wait to see pictures of them on your blog!