Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Claribelle Kidded!!

I got a little behind posting here with our new arrivals. Claribelle kidded March 26th with. . . . TRIPLET BUCKS!!! :Z
Thursday morning about 7:30am, Claribelle was looking very much ready to pop and crying a little. We moved her to a stall and she started pushing almost immediately. I was watching to see how the baby was coming and saw a tail and what I thought were two hooves. . . nope, the baby was coming out hocks first with legs tucked underneath him (breech?) Claribelle popped him out all on her own with very little assistance. I was sooo happy with her!! She is a superb kidder! The second and third boys came very quickly and easily.
So, I have my first set ever of all boys. . . we have never had all boys in a kidding. There's always been at least one doe - but there's a first time for everything, I guess. At least they are very handsome! The largest inherited his sire's blue eyes and the two younger have their mom's adorable brown eyes. Claribelle's udder looks really great too!! I am hoping for a doe the next time around!

The babies are about a month old in the photo above. They are so cute and sweet!!

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Jennifer said...

What a pretty kid and what pretty eyes he has! We had a doe have triplet bucks too this year but that is OK because another one had triplet does! I much prefer them to have twins over trips though.