Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rosie Kidded!!

Rosie kidded Monday morning around 8:30am! She had been acting strange since about noon on Sunday - udder had filled and was very tight, ligs gone, etc. . . It seemed to be taking her a long time to get going. I was getting quite worried that something wasn't quite right. She did have a c-section her first kidding; she had a very, very large single buck kid that was simply too big. So, naturally I was very worried about her. Rosie was my very first goat and is my precious pet. :)

So, we called the vet and said that we'd just bring her in, we didn't want to risk any problems and our vet is almost an hour away. My brother was getting the crate all set up in the truck and I went to go get Rosie from her stall. I walk into the barn and hear small little bleats!! Rosie had a beautiful caramel doeling on the ground and was busy cleaning her up!! :D Ran for towels and started drying baby girl off. I looked behind Rosie and sadly, she had a second doeling that looked like she was stillborn. . . she was still in the sack and quite a bit smaller. I worked with her a good while but she was gone. :(
My aunt was here for the birth and was able to witness Rosie's last kid, a black agouti buckling be born. He came out rear feet first but it was quick, unassisted, and uneventful. Thank goodness!!!

So, I fretted and worried for no reason! Rosie knew exactly what she was doing and she is such an attentive, loving, and protective mother!! I don't plan on breeding her again because I'd rather not take chances but she will enjoy these babies and live her life out as my special pet. :)

The photos above were taken when the babies were two days old. Both kids will be for sale to wonderful homes when they are weaned - let me know if you are interested! :D


SiblingArts said...

From Sherri - Olivia's Mom:

Rosie has a very quiet, intelligent look about her. Her intuition said "there will be no more trips to the vet!" when she heard us loading the crate in the car. ;) I am so happy to have healthy little babies and a happy mommy.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on the new kids!